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DIAPHRAGM (Dy-ah-fram)

The diaphragm is a large thin parachute shaped muscle located below the ribcage. It's like a sheet that separates the upper chest cavity containing the heart and lungs from the lower abdominal cavity containing the intestines, liver, stomach, etc. Its primary job is for breathing. When it contracts it pulls down reducing the pressure in the chest cavity pulling air into the lungs. When it relaxes it rises expelling from the lungs. Contracting the diaphragm can also increase pressure in the abdominal cavity assisting in urination, deification and vomiting.

The diaphragm is also responsible for hiccups, which are caused by spasms in the muscle, often the result of eating too quickly.

Diaphragm helps pull air into your lungs and when you breath out it help to push air out of the lungs. Sometimes diaphragm become irritated. When this happens, it makes you suck air into your throat. When air rushing , it hits your voice box called Larynx, and it make hiccups.

Hiccups can happen if you eat too fast or too much, also feeling nervous or excited can cause hiccups.

Diaphragm is a primary muscles, it thin and not very large or small. Diaphragm is underneath you lungs and on top of your liver. It cover by your ribs. Your diaphragm help you and your lungs to breath.

The diaphragm is the part of your body that inflates your chest as you breathe.It is actually very important.

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Q: What does the diaphragm do for your body?
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