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it usually doesn't mean anything is the opposite side from your bottom and that has a crack so I guess they both have something to do with it?It's something that helps you to shape out your words and sounds and helps you eat so apperently there is no actual meaning to it...

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For any cracks or cuts on the tongue a doctor will need to be seen to evaluate this. The mouth holds much bacteria and this could be an easy way to get an infection.

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crack on the tongue

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Q: What does the crack in the middle of your tongue mean?
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Why do they ask to see the bottom of a crack users tongue?

To see if you are hiding any packages or rocks of crack under your tongue.

Is cracking your tongue heathly?

You do not have joints in your tongue so you cannot crack or pop it

What is the diagnosis of a crack in the tongue?

you have to cut it off sorry.

What do you do when your tooth cracked in the back and it cuts in to your tongue?

You can go to the dentist and have them fill in the crack or file the crack down.

What is cheilosis?

crack at the mouth tongue and lips due to the deficiency of vitamin B.

Your bones and joints pop and crack when you move what does this mean?

These sounds are usually caused by air bubbles moving within the joint or tendons moving over bones. It is typically harmless and not a cause for concern unless accompanied by pain or swelling, which may indicate an underlying issue like arthritis or a ligament injury. If there is no pain or swelling, these sounds are generally normal and nothing to worry about.

What does it mean when somebody says that your tongue is hung in the middle of your mouth?

It means you talk too much. Here is a quote from The Mist that may help explain it. Jim Grondin: Lady, your tongue must be hung in the middle so that it can waggle at both ends!

What is a white pimple in the middle on the side of your tongue mean?

A pimple on your tongue doesn't necessarily MEAN anything in particular; you can get a pimple anywhere, including your face, tongue, lips, etc. Let the pimple heal on its own, do not pop it as bacteria can infect it and yiu can develp acne all over your tongue. A pimple on your tongue COULD mean that a certain food caused it, or you may have had a mild allergic reaction.

What does a toungue piercing mean?

tongue piercing, its a pretty self explanatory thing but. a tongue piercing is when you go to professional who is certified to do oral piercings legally. Your tongue will have a looped clamp put on it to hold your tongue in place, and a piercing needle will be put through your tongue near the middle and a small tongue bar will be inserted closely following the needle.

What is causes cheilosis?

crack at the mouth tongue and lips due to the deficiency of vitamin B.

What is the middle of your butt called?

butt crack.

If pressure is applied to the top of a pipe where would the pipe crack?

Granted that the force was enough to crack the pipe, it would crack in the middle.