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it means that he either is trying to impress you or someone else test him maybe he might be mr. right

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Q: What does that mean if the guy you like talks real loud behind you and you notice and he pretends to be cool and stares at you?
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What does it mean when a boy stares at you when your not looking and stares into your eyes and is nice to you but he never talks to you and he has a girlfriend does he like you?

Yes He Does Likes You

Does the guy you like like you if he talks about you to his friends even girls and always gets you attention by something like being loud but becomes quiet and stares at you when you notice him?

Very much likely.

Your friend talks to much with the guy you like and they both talk to each other and how can you know if he likes you because he stares at you?

by how he stares at you

How do you how that a boy is cursze on you?

he stares at you constantly and talks to you a lot or kinda talks to you depends on who he is but trust me if he is crushing on you, you will find out soon (:

What are signs that a guy is interested?

If he talks to you alot Flirts with you smiles at you bugs you stares at you

You like a boy how do you know if he likes you too?

if he talks about as in compeliments and if he stares at you alot

What if she says she hates you but yet she talks and stares at you all the time?

pull her to the side and talk to her

If a boy you like stares at yousmilesand talks with you does it mean he likes you?

most likely, yes.

What does it mean when the guy you like stares at you and texts you but never actually talks to you in person?

He MIGHT be scared to talk to you

How do you know if a lesbian in your class has a crush on you?

If she stares at you an talks to you differently then others

How do you know if a guy in your school likes you?

Talk to him more or if he stares at you all the time but it depends on what grade your in or something so...............................if he stares touches or flirts with you or talks a lot to you about stupid stuff then he probrably does

Everyone says that when a boy likes you he stares you in the eyes but what exactly is he thinking while doing so?

When a boy likes you he talks to you and treats you with respect. When he stares at you he is probably thinking things that are not very respectful.