What does tar do to cilia?

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Cilia are responsible for keeping out foreign substances in your lungs. When you smoke you inhale tar. The tar attaches to the cilia and over time sticks them together and keeps them from doing their job. Thus your lungs can become filled with outside substances such as pollen, dust....

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Q: What does tar do to cilia?
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What dose tar do to the body?

Tar sticks to the cilia in the lungs. These cilia brush dirt and dust up from the lungs and protect them

What makes cilia clump together?


What effect does tar have on the cillia?

The tar from the cigarettes sticks to the cilia, the tiny hair-like structures that line the airways in the lungs. The cilia typically acts as little brooms that sweep out harmful dirt - but when cigarette is smoked, the cilia can't work properly because the tar sticks to the cilia and is therefore covered

What is a dark substance that makes cilia clump?


How does smoking affect the cilia?

it covers it in stickie tar

What chemical in tobacco smoke damages cilia?


How does cigarette smoke affect the cilia?

it covers it in stickie tar

How does tar affect the cilia in your respiratory system?

it makes the cilia clump together so they cannot prevent harmful materials from getting into the lungs.The tar sticks to the cilia, paralysing them, and making them unable to clear the airways of dust and bacteria.

Why do smoking damage cilia alveoli and lungs?

Because the tar in cigarettes clogs up the wind pipe and the cilia.

What does tar in cigarette smoke do to you?

Tar damages the cilia which is in the lungs. The cilia are hairs in the lungs that protect from dust. The dust then escapes into the lungs and people struggle to breathe. It stains your teeth and fingernails yellow too

Which chemical in tobacco smoke may damage cilia in the respiratory system?


Which is not a short term effect of tar on the body?

paralyzed cilia lining airways

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