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its a difficult and awkward relationship. sometimes its a relationship where affection isn't expressed often

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Q: What does strained relationships mean?
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What does no-strained mean?


Did relationships with Cuba and Puerto Rico change after the Spanish-American War?

It took time and effort to adapt to each other and relationships were often strained.

What was elies purpose for writing of his father in the book Night?

It showed how relationships were strained during that time and how you had to remember what was important to you.

Political relationships between Britain and the 13 colonies?

Strained. British ruled from afar without much thought except for profit.

What is the outcome on polygamy?

A big mess usually. At best it is just weird and strained as far as the husband and wives relationships go. It is not how things are supposed to be naturally.

What causes a strained hamstring?

strained hamstrings are caused when a hamstring is strained

What does it mean if your lower back hurts when you sneeze?

You could have strained or pulled a muscle.

What is a sentence for strained?

He strained to read the small-print.Our resources are very strained right now.The chef strained the water out of the pasta.

Is strained an adjective?

Yes, it can be an adjective for each of its alternate meanings: - put under strain, or injured by accident or overuse (strained back, strained muscles) - metaphorically tense (a strained relationship) - with solids removed or sieved (strained baby food)

What does Pina Colada mean in English?

Pina means Pineapple, and Colada means strained.

What does it mean when relationships are not a two way street?

That they are not true relationships.

What is the reward of disobedience?

The reward of disobedience is often negative consequences such as punishment, loss of trust, strained relationships, and missed opportunities. It can also lead to feelings of guilt, regret, and dissatisfaction.