What does stna stand for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I believe that stna stands for State Tested Nursing Assistant.

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Q: What does stna stand for?
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How much does it cost to get STNA training?

coast of the STNA traing you can check on this . then look for the STNA traing and you will ge the cost of the trainging

Can I get my STNA certification online?

Yes you can get your STNA online. There are several courses available.

Where can I get STNA training online?

There are some places where you can get your STNA online, but honestly, they will not provide you the hands-on training that you actually need to work a job as an STNA. I will say coming from an RN stand-point that I have, I would rather have an STNA with hands-on training. With that being said, you could always check with a local nursing home or other agency that might provide the training you need fixed around your schedule. If that is impossible for you to do, and you absolutely MUST do the training online you can do a web search, or look at to see if that might fit your needs.

Where I can get STNA training online in Michigan?

yes you can get the STNA training online in michigna . you can check or the

how to be an independent stna and charge the insurance company myself?

Try to be yourself and get all the stna and charge the insurance company

Where can I go for STNA training I live in Akron Oh and how much?

Here you go! Good STNA training sites in Akron.

where to get Stan training in Columbus,Oh?

You can get STNA training at Regenesis STNA Training. Their number in Columbus, Ohio is (614)849-0115.

Where are the most qualified training at to becaome an STNA in canton,OHIO?

The following website has a list of training sites for STNA in Canton, OH.

is there an stna training class in grove city ?

Regensis STNA Training Program is located at 415 E Mound Street in Columbus, Ohio.

I live in cincinnati ohio. where should I take STNA classes Thank You?

In Cincinatti check out Deaconess Hospital and the State College for STNA classes.

What is the defferance between stna and cna?

There is no difference

Can I obtain STNA training online?

No, you cannot obtain STNA training online. Check with your local community colleges for training offered. You can obtain STNA training online, however you must take the certification test on location. You can learn more at