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showing some love means, that you are to show love to another person in the sense that you can hug, kiss, or shake hands with that person.

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Q: What does showing some love mean?
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What does much love to you mean?

Thanks 4 showing love

Why are brothers so mean?

They are not mean. That is a brothers way of showing love to you. Love him back :) not mine he truly hates me

Filipino showing of there love to god?

what does that mean? in every race people love God.

What does not having love from the parent's mean?

that maybe they love you but dont know how to show their love , because they think showing their love is wimpy

What does it mean when you call you Mateperson you love babe or baby?

your showing afection for that person that you're calling 'love babe' or 'baby'

How can you make your mom love hamsters?

By showing it to her and make it do some funny thing then she will see how cute they are...then she will love them

How many times do I have to tell a person i love them in order for them to believe me?

It's not about how many times you tell them, it's about showing them that you love them. If you mean it, and show that you mean it, then they'll believe you.

Is always showing of anger to someone means love to him?

What?, do u mean tough love, no its a lie. they are either being mean purposely or just trying to help u

How do i spoil my boyfriend?

spoil is commonly used to mean showing love. You can buy him gift, you can take him on date.

Are you really in love with your boyfriend?

NO. no one is to obest. its just called love. especially if you are a teen. its just showing that you really love him. that's all.

What is mean of love?

Love is when you truly care about some one. You will be willing to do any and everything for them.

Is it embarrassing to watch your two dads make love?

If by "making love" you mean have sex, they shouldn't be doing it where you can see them. If you mean showing affection, kissing and touching, then no you shouldn't feel any embarrassment. If it bothers you perhaps you have some resentment about them being Gay. I would bet you could talk to them about it and they would listen.