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It is a code that the courts use for child abuse.

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Q: What does sexbc mean in a child abuse case?
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What does the term ISI mean when use with a child abuse charge?

for the charge of child abuse ISI (principal), what does that mean? what is the ISI and principal for?

What is a Child abuse survivior?

A child abuse survivor is someone who has survived through child abuse through out their lives. Whether it was sexual, mental, or physical abuse they survived. By surviving it could either mean by not getting killed by the abuser or not committing suicide.

What do dreams of Child Abuse mean?

Maybe it is time to talk to a professional.

What do you do when a child is being charged with elder abuse when there was no elder abuse?

== == No elder, no crime. Read the statute your child is being charged with. If the prosecution cannot prove any part of it beyond a reasonable doubt, they have no case. You should look up any words in the statute that you are unfamiliar with to see what they mean in the eyes of the court. Your child should have a attorney; if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for your child at no cost.=)

What is the amount of years you get in jail for physically abusing a child?

The criminal penalties for child abuse depend on many factors including:The state in which the child abuse occurred;The extent of the physical and / or mental injury of the child;Any permanent nature of injuries sustained by the childThe frequency of the child abuse;Use of a deadly weapon in committing the abuse;Any act of sexual abuse;Use of malicious torture;Caging of the child; andPrevious conviction for similar child abuse offenses.A defendant may be charged with misdemeanor or felony child abuse, depending on these and other factors. This may mean months in jail or potentially decades in prison if convicted.

Can you sue the state of NJ for not awarding shared custody of your child when you have no criminal background or past history of child abuse?

You can sue for many things in the US but that does not mean you will win. In this case they must have had other reasons weighing in why you did not get awarded shared custody so if I were you I would read the papers carefully. They decide based on what is considered best for the child.

What does the medical abbreviation nat mean?

Nucleic Acid Testing (blood test) Non - Accidental trauma( Child abuse)

Is it against the law to hit your child on the arm and leave a bruise with a belt?

Any hit or slap which leaves a mark or cut on a child could be determined to be child abuse. However, even a well-meaning parent using appropriate punishment with a child COULD accidentally leave a bruise. This is why authorities evaluate each case and the circumstances.That said, a child who is being beaten and abused can report this to the police, any teacher, or counselor. All are mandated to report suspected abuse. A child can also call Child Welfare to report. However, it doesn't mean the agency will decide it is abuse.If you did something wrong, and your parent accidentally left a bruise when he smacked you, is it truly abuse... or are you just angry that an adult can set the rules, even if you don't like those rules.

What does case closed statistically mean?

Case closed statistically means something different for each situation. If a parent or teacher says case closed it means that there will be no argument. In cases of the law, it statistically means that the case has ended and a verdict has been reached.

What are the cases of youth violence?

Trash talking or someone making fun of you, or just going crazy. Child abuse? This is how is all happens! Parents being alcoholic and punching and beating up kids. Then it leads to more severe case. And trust me I mean severe!

Am i forgiven child declamation?

I am not sure whether you mean you were talking TO a child or talking ABOUT a child, but in either case, in and by itself, I don't see why that would be a problem.

What does ethol abuse mean?

alcohol abuse