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you have no life. read the book.


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this is an answers website idiot

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Q: What does ponyboy realize about his past relationship with soda pop?
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What does Soda say that makes Ponyboy look at his relationship with Darry differently?

Soda tells Ponyboy that Darry loves him (Ponyboy) but he does not understand him. Ponyboy only see the strict side of Darry.

How do Darry and soda react to ponyboy illness?

In contrast to this close loving relationship with Sodapop is Ponyboy's volatile relationship with his oldest brother, Darry. Pony and Darry are always at odds. Darry gets frustrated because Ponyboy "never thinks" and is always doing things that put the family's living arrangements at risk. Darry is the "father figure" since the death of the boy's parents. If they get into trouble the state agency will separate them. Darry is working two jobs to try to keep the family together and is hard on Ponyboy because he has to be. It isn't until the end of the novel that Ponyboy grows up enough to realize that Darry and he may not ever be close, but Darry really does love him.

How is soda different than ponyboy?

Soda and Ponyboy are characters from the book "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton. Soda is Ponyboy's older brother, known for his carefree nature and charisma, while Ponyboy is the protagonist who is more introspective and sensitive. Soda is outgoing and popular, while Ponyboy is quieter and more thoughtful.

Who is soda in The Outsiders?

Soda is Ponyboy's brother.

What is Ponyboy's relationship like with Johnny?

Darry- Pony doesn't think Darry cares about him because he is always yelling at him. Also, Darry will tell Pony he needs to have lees fun and study more, then when he is studying Darry will tell him to study less and have more fun. Pony thinks Darry only likes Soda. Sodapop- Him and Pony are buddies, and Soda always sticks up for Pony when Darry yells at him. Also, when Pony started having nightmares about his deceased parents, Soda started sleeping in the same bed with Pony to comfort him.

How Darry and Ponyboy play tug of war with Soda.?

When Darry and Ponyboy were arguing they both wanted Soda on their side.

Why did Ponyboy have loyalty?

Ponyboy looked up to Soda Pop because Soda always looked out for Ponyboy. He also looks up to Dallas, who is the oldest of the brothers.

What does pony boy I realize about his past relationship with soda pop?

'Sodapop could get drunk at a drag race, or go near a party and not touch a drop of booze. He would get drunk off just plain living. He was that happy.'

What happens when pony comes home after his curfew?

His brothers Darry and Soda get worried that he is out past his curfew and Darry got mad at Ponyboy and hit him after Soda was sticking up for Ponyboy and then Darry started to yell at Soda and then Ponyboy started yelling at Darry for yelling at Soda and after that was when Darry hit Ponyboy.

What is Ponyboy's favorite soda coke or pepsi?

you have no life. read the book. XDDD

Who does ponyboy ask for while he is in bed?

Soda, Dad, mom, and Darry but mostly for soda . . .

Are the names ponyboy and sadapop nickname?

Pony and Soda