What does pmsing mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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its when a girl gets really crabby or has mood swings before she gets her period.

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Post Menopausal Syndrome. Which causes women who are having a period to often be extremely cranky and upset.

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Q: What does pmsing mean?
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How do you stop pmsing?

You dont ypu have to deal with it or u can tell ur mom and a few friends when u get ur pieriod and tell them to tell u that u r PMSing and to chill there is no way to stop from PMSing

How do you know when your pmsing for the first time?

there is blood in your underwear

Is it illegal to catch a female stone crab?

Only if it is PMSing.

What should a guy do when a girl is having there period or is PMSing?

Be supportive. : )

Why are you always irritable?

pmsing, moodswings, pregnancy, not enough sleep, medication, bipolar, many more

How can men handle woman's pms situation?

1. Being calm- Sometimes when girls are pmsing, they say weird things that they don't mean. Men should just play along with what the girl is talking about. 2. Being patient- The girl might have a hard time adjusting to new things, so men should stay steady and patient. 3. Understanding- For some men, it's easy to figure out if the girl is pmsing. Men should try their best to understand the girls situation and be empathatic. 4. Helpful- The girl might feel lazy or sad while she's pmsing, so men should lend a helping hand.

What does someone mean when they say someone is PMSing?

Pre Menstrual Stressing. A slang term for people to tell a female they think she's a little on the grumpy side and suggesting (in jest) that it may have to do with mood swings caused from her menstrual cycle.

Why does a girl get mad if you don't answer your phone?

because she goes to her worst thought and thinks that you don't lke her anymore and thinks that you are neglecting her. it is that or she is pmsing.

What happens to Bella Swan when she is pmsing around the cullens?

There's no parts in any of the books that says she goes through her menstrual cycle.

What to tell people when you are PMSing and usually really happy and are suddenly mopey and disconnected?

You arent feeling very good or that you might of ate something bad.

Are girls aware when they are pmsing and moody?

We know it just as much as you do. But to us it feels natural like were really in a bad mood and want to be left alone.

What is career option can you find by taking pms in science?

Hard to say... If you are PMSing that day, just stay home. Nobody want to deal with a b***h.