What does platonic love mean?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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A platonic relationship is a relationship in which there is no sexual intercourse.

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Platonic love means neutral love.

No sexual attraction

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Q: What does platonic love mean?
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What does it mean to love someone in a platonic way?

To love someone in a platonic way is to love someone like a friend or a sister, not in a romantic relationship. So to love someone in a platonic way doesn't involve a sexual relationship.

What is the meaning of the word platonic?

Spiritual or theoretical. Platonic love is spiritual love

What does it mean when your ex says he likes you as a sister?

His love for you is not sexual. He wants your relationship to be platonic.

Would platonic love be considered closer to being best friends or being boyfriend and girlfriend?

Platonic love is nonsexual love between friends.

What is neo-platonic love?

NeoPlatonic - Neo meaning "new" and Platonic meaning Plato. It was the form of love that the Christian Church instituted instead of the original Platonic love. It is basically the love for all others and for God after rising above all sin and material things.

Who is credited forhaving coined the term Platonic love?

The term "Platonic love" is credited to the philosopher Plato, who discussed the concept in his dialogues, particularly in his work "Symposium." Platonic love refers to a non-romantic or non-sexual form of love based on intellectual and spiritual connection.

What does platonic mean?

It means coming from the works of the Greek philosopher Plato. It is usually used in two expressions: "Platonic love" or "Platonic friendship" which means a loving or friendly relationship with no sexual aspect to it whatsoever, and "Platonic solid" which means a three-dimensional geometrical object entirely made up of identical regular plane surfaces.

What is your reaction about platonic love?

Platonic love is a deep, non-romantic connection based on shared values, respect, and emotional support. It can be fulfilling and enriching, offering a unique bond that goes beyond physical attraction. Trust and communication are key elements in nurturing a healthy platonic relationship.

What we call love without sex?

Love. Not all love involves sex.

What are the 4 kinds of love?

sexual platonic parental brotherly

What are the release dates for Platonic - 2011 Love Thy Brother 1-4?

Platonic - 2011 Love Thy Brother 1-4 was released on: USA: 23 June 2011

How does platonic love differ from love people have for their family members?

You are obligated to love your choose the one you fall in love with