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fat albert.

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Q: What does pinky's boyfriend look like?
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Why are baby mice called pinkys?

Usually they are called pinkys because they have no hair and are pink.

How does zendayas boyfriend look like?

She currently does not have a boyfriend.

What do you do when your boyfriend does not like the way you look?

find another boyfriend who does.

What does ravens boyfriend look like?

Wwhat raven?

How can you get a celebrity boyfriend?

it depends what you look like... and if you are famous.

How do English people eat pizza?

with their pinkys out and with an accent.

What is a hinky pinkys for the grouchy tiger?

crabby tabby

How do you descrie a boyfriend?

You Describe someone by how they look and act like.

What does Ariana Grande boyfriend look like?

Jai Brooks

What does Ashley Olsen's boyfriend look like?

He's hot!!

What does Willow Smith boyfriend look like?

He look hot i will like him

What does Willow Smiths so called boyfriend look like?

willow smith does not have a boyfriend its true but she want one