What does peer presure mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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When you are under the influence of friend, people you know, people, etc. telling you what to do or inciting you of what to do, pushing you to do something that you will not do unless influenced to do it because you will feel "cool", "apart of the friends", etc. In other words, your friends are telling you to do things you don't want to do/be e.g: take drugs & smoke this could put you in great danger. But you will do it because you do not want to look like a fool.

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Peer pressure is influence

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Q: What does peer presure mean?
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Is giving in to peer pressure a mannerism?

No, because not everyone surrenders to peer presure.

Are there any stories about peer preesure and standing up to peer pressure?

the outsiders kinda deals with peer presure

What are kinds of peer presure?

there is positive peer pressure friendly peer pressure indirect/dempting teasing heavy peer pressure/bullying

Dose body image have peer presure?

Only regarding the balls.

What help can young people to walk away from peer presure?

saying NO !

What does moyo mean?

moyo is a girl whos good a sports kinda funny but falls into peer presure. she also thinks shes cool

What percent do people start smoking because of peer presure?

heck if i know hahah!

Some facts about peer presure?

Peer pressure is hard for everyone trying to fit in. Kids are mostly the ones to be apart of peer pressure. Peer pressure can be a form of bullying in a way. Don't let no one make you do things you don't want to do

How long were you pressured to do something?

You can be peer presured for a long time. In my situation I was in a peer presure relationship for a year and well it really got me down these kind of things can do that to you . They can do do mentlly damage.

How many teens join gangs in California?

3out of 5 teens join a gang under peer presure

Can peer pressure effect someones health?

If they sitcome to the presure, and do something bad and get addicted to something like drugs, yes.

Is peer presure an adverse physiological state?

Peer pressure can certainly cause such a state but it can also have a positive effect.