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Get a new outfit for the holidays

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Q: What does one out of ten people do every year?
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How many people are scammed every year?

In every ten people have fallen victim to financial fraud, ten people has fallen victim to a scam in the past five years.

How is the caste system maintaned?

ten people look after it every month those ten people change there is a head to those ten people who stays head for a year

About one out of every ten drivers?

Is involved in a crash each year

What are facts about diphtheria?

Nearly one out of every Ten people that get Diphtheria, die from it

How many people out of every ten are awesome?

I'm sure at least 5 out of every ten people are awesome!

How many lines of bionicles are there?

Ten, a line for every year.

How many people are born every ten seconds?

4 every second, so 40 every 10 seconds. This is world wide not just one country.

How did people respond to the cell theory?

They named it one of the Top Ten Discoveries of the Year (1853)

How long does it take to write an application with a programming language?

It can be one minute for one person, and can be ten year for thousand people.

What can you do with ten thousand dollars?

You can give ten thousand people one dollar.You can give one thousand people ten dollarsyou can give one hundred people one hundred dollarsyou can give ten people one thousand dollarsyou can give one person ten thousand dollars

How many people use the same dollar bill in one year?

It depends. way of telling.

How many people believed that the world was going to end in 2012?

Many people believed that the world would end in 2012. According to many polls that were taken before the said 'doomsday' of December 21, 2012, between one in seven and one in every ten people believed the world would end in this year.