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The date they started dating ex: 5/13/11

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Q: What does number relationships mean?
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If a boy walks home with you and aks for your phone number and your both sixth graders what does it mean?

to be honest if your in 6 grade relationships don't mean anything. Wait until you are 15 or so to start worrying about serious relationships

What does it mean when relationships are not a two way street?

That they are not true relationships.

What does preteen relationships mean?

Preteen relationships are relationships that are held before the adolescents reach their teenage years (13).

The number and structure of what can help to determine evolutionary relationships between species?

The number and structure of chromosomes help determine evolutionary relationships between species. Chromosome comparison helps to provide evidence of the relationships in a species.

What Dunbar's number 150 refers to the number of?

relationships humans can healthily maintain.

What is the number of teen deaths caused by relationships?


What does the word relationships mean in general?

i hate u

What types of relationships that can be beneficial?

depends on what you mean by beneficial :/

What does whole person relationships mean?

totally committed

What does dfk mean in relationships?

Deep French Kiss

What is the relationships between the 6s in the number 7664?

It will be 600, 6

What does global relationships mean?

Global relationships means having relationships with people all around the world and being a global community or global village with different countries and cultures.