What does neutropenia mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Neutropenia is a low level of white blood cells (WBC), which are called neutrophils

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Q: What does neutropenia mean?
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What is the prognosis for a patient with neutropenia?

The prognosis for mild or chronic neutropenia is excellent. Recovery from acute neutropenia depends on the severity of the patient's infection and the promptness of treatment.

What is cyclic neutropenia?

Cyclic neutropenia is a condition of recurring shortages of white blood cells.

What are the symptoms of neutropenia?

Neutropenia has no specific symptoms except the severity of the patient's current infection. In severe neutropenia, the patient is likely to develop periodontal disease, oral and rectal ulcers, fever, and bacterial pneumonia. Fever.

What is the medical term meaning deficiency of neutrophils?


What is a blood disorder starting with the letter n?


What does a neutrophil count of 0.8 indicate?

neutropenia 800.

Is pancytopenia the same as neutropenia?

No , pancytopenia is the loss of production of ALL blood coll types , red, white and platelets, neutropenia is the loss of a white cell , the neutropils only..

What is the combining form for decreased in the number of neutrophils called?


Deficiency in numbers of white blood cells?


What causes Neutropenia?

Neutropenia (having too few neutrophils) could be caused by: * Decreased erythrocyte production * Premature destruction of white blood cells * Sequestration and Margination of White Blood Cells

What is neutropenia?

Presence of low amount of neutrophils below the reference range.

What are the causes of neutropenia?

DECREASED WBC PRODUCTION. Lowered production of white blood cells is the most common cause of neutropenia. It can result from: medications that affect the bone marrow, including cancer drugs, chloramphenicol.