What does milk feel like?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What does milk feel like?
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When does the milk gland first develope and what does it feel like?

the milk is brot by cows and it feels nasty.

Why shouldn't you drink milk when you feel like vomiting?

Dairy is very difficult to digest. Also if you are vomiting milk is probably the last thing you feel like drinking as it is heavy on the stomach. Clear liquids are the best keeping that you can keep them down.

Why to boys like to suck breasts?

They want to feel sexual, and they could want some milk.

What happens if you feel hot after the ecstasy effect?

it will make you feel hot when it's working, but if start to feel sick drink something with vitamin D. like milk.

When can you feel milk in a horse teats?

It depends on the mare. You may feel milk in the mare's udder when she has a month left to foal, or you may feel milk in the mare's udder right after she has foaled.

How does sperm feel like?

Well, it honestly feels sticky and gooey. It almost feels like milk that's about to go bad.

How do you like your milk?

i like my milk 1% low fat milk

What rhymes with milk. I like milk.?

Words that rhyme with milk include silk, bilk, and ilk. It's great to hear that you like milk!

What chemicals are in milk that can be addictive?

Milk contains naturally occurring compounds like casein and whey protein, which can trigger the release of certain feel-good chemicals in the brain like dopamine. While milk itself is not considered addictive in the same way as drugs or alcohol, some individuals may develop a psychological attachment to the taste or routine of drinking milk.

Is the milk comes from a single hole in a breast?

No there are glands in the breast and your horomones start the production of the milk if you feel your breast they may feel knotty that's the swollen glands.

Does expressing milk from the breasts feel good?

Breastfeeding can be quite painful and expressing milk is not sexual for the woman.

What are the symptoms of breast milk coming in I feel like a tingling and a crackling in my breast?

Tingling and tightening is part of it ,also leaking may occur too!