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neurol foraminal right narrowing c4-5 mild moderate can it be serious?

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Q: What does mild right neural foraminal narrowing C4-5 due to right uncinate hypertrophy mean?
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What does an element of neural foraminal narrowing mean?

neuroforaminal narrowing

What is moderate neural foraminal narrowing?

Neural foraminal compromise is the narrowing of the spinal column. It is the result of disc degeneration over a period of time. Bulging and narrowing of the spinal column, or foramen, causes nerve compression or bulging in the affected area.

What is C3-c7 neural foraminal narrowing?

Narrowing of the neural formina at the C7- 1 was a narrowing of the spinal canal where the nerve roots exit. This can occur with or without disc protrusion.

What is mild left neural foraminal narrowing?

The left neural foramen is where a nerve passes through a bone on the left side. Impingement is crowding. So left neural foraminal impingement is a crowding of that bony passage for the nerve.

What does moderate generalized disc bulges with bilateral neural foraminal narrowing mean to my function?

This could affect your range of motion.You may also have some numbness or tingling

What is mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis.?

There's actually 2 separate indications in your Radiology report:Mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis is a common problem with most people. The Foramen is the spinal opening at each vertebrae where the nerves pass through; stenosis is the term for narrowing, and in this case it's stating that there's foraminal narrowing in the L5-S1 vertebral area, which is not uncommon.The "small tear" is at the posterior (rear) annulus of the L5-S1 disk, meaning there's a small rupture in the rear of the disk membrane.

Is cervical spondylosis with multilevel neural foraminal narrowing most prominent on the left at c5-6 and c6-7 considered an ssi ssdi disability?

Cervical spondylosis is one of the most common degenerative disc conditions. When multilevel neural foraminal narrowing is most prominent via MRI, this shows where a nerve root is potentially being impinged.

What is mild to moderate left foraminal stenosis?

Moderate left foraminal stenosis is compression of the cervical spinal nerves that travel through a narrowing of the foramina. Causes of the narrowing include herniated disc material and bone spurs in the neck.

What is neural foraminal effacement?

what is for animal effacement

What is narrowing of Neural Foramina?

Narrowing of the neural foramina is the constriction of the nerve passageways, or foramina, in the spine. This results in compression of the nerve.

What is high grade neural foraminal stenosis?

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What does neural compromise mean?

Neural compromise, also referred to as neural foraminal compromise, is a health condition. It's when the spinal column's foreman becomes narrowed.