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It means something related to trade. Example a country that trades things/business to other countries could be said to have a mercantile relationship with each other. Rather a shopping center that deals with wholesale business.

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Q: What does mercantile relationship mean?
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What does it mean to say that the colonies should not complete with England under the mercantile system?

Basically, it means that at the time, the British navy protected or shepherded the mercantile fleet between Britain and the colonies.

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The mercantile association's meeting is about to convene.

When was Mercantile Bancorporation created?

Mercantile Bancorporation was created in 1850.

When did Mercantile Bancorporation end?

Mercantile Bancorporation ended in 1999.

When did Stroud's Mercantile end?

Stroud's Mercantile ended in 1993.

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Stroud's Mercantile was created in 1884.

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What is mercantile financing?

Mercantile financing is typically done through the sale of mercantile paper. Mercantile paper is a note, acceptance, or bill of exchange made or endorsed by concerns engaged in jobbing, wholesaling, or retailing of commodities