What does medicinal mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Medicine means a chemical that is suposed to help you get better.

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'Medicinal' means having the properties of medicine

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Q: What does medicinal mean?
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How do you spell meditucil?

Do you mean "medicinal," as in used for a medicine?

Is buckfast wine medicinal?

Buckfast was initially used as a 'tonic' wine, leading one to believe that it was once thought to have medicinal qualities to it. However, as you'll notice, as of at least 2011, the 'tonic' bit was clarified to mean that they made no claims as to any medicinal benefit on the label. In short, there is no evidence for or against the medicinal qualities of Buckfast.

Which is the best book for medicinal chemistry?

Medicinal Chemistry by Ashutosh KAr Medicinal Chemistry by Patricks

What does does basil mean?

basil means tulsi. a herb which have medicinal value. it is worshipped in Indian houses.

What does duiretic mean?

Diuretic means : Increasing the volume of the urine excreted, as by a medicinal substance (medication).

What does medicinal?

'Medicinal' means having the properties of medicine

What is correct - medical or medicinal mineral water?


What are the medicinal uses of gulmohar tree?

they have no medicinal uses

What kind of a plant is tamIrid?

If you mean Tamarind then it is a small tree Tamarindus indica it is of some medicinal use.

How could you put medicinal into a sentence?

The herbs have a medicinal quality.

How do you pronounce 'medicinal'?

mi diss in ill is the pronunciation for medicinal.

What is a medicinal?

A medicinal is a drug or substance used for the purposes of medicine.