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Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

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Q: What does medical degree dabpn stand for?
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What does medical degree MD stand for?

M.D: Doctor of Medicine

What does the medical degree NMA stand for?

NMA stands for National Medical Association, a group founded by African-Amercan physicians. (It is not a degree, however.)

What degree does DMH stand for?

Doctorate in Medical Humanities. Drew University in Madison, NJ awards the DMH credential to graduates of their doctoral program in medical humanities.

What does M.D. stand for after a doctors name?

M.D. is the degree (Doctor of Medicine) awarded to graduates of allopathic medical schools. Physicians or "Medical Doctors" can have either the M.D. or D.O. degree in the United States.

What is a medical administration degree?

A degree in medical administration

Which specialist is most likely to have a medical degree?

A psychiatrist has a medical degree.

Why do you get MD?

It is for Doctors to signify that they have a medical degree. MD is an acronym for medical degree.

Is a medical degree a technical degree?

A medical degree is probably more appropriately designated as a "Science" degree. "Technical degrees" are usually more focused on building and running inanimate systems. Of course someone with a medical degree focused on medical devices could be considered to have a technical degree.

What degree is required to become a general pracitioner?

to be a medical general pratitioner you need a bachelor's degree and a medical degree from a medical school or school of osteopathic medicine.

What does MD mph TM stand for in a Doctors Name?

MD stands for Doctor of Medicine, this is a type of medical physician. MPH stands for Masters Degree in Public Health

What master's degree is needed to be a medical doctor?

To be a medical physician, there is no requirement for a Master's degree.

What year did Elizabeth Blackwell earn her medical degree?

She recived the the medical degree in 1849!:)