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It sounds like he's being sarcastic.

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Q: What does mean when your boyfriend says to you thank you for being so distant with me and also thank you for not picking up phone when i call you?
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Do you tease people about being on the phone all the time?

Yes. My boyfriend's always on the phone so I tease him about it. I tell him he's married to our phone and I call the phone his wife.

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to speak from a long distant

What do you do when you think your boyfriend has feelings for someone else in a long distance relationship?

You ask him. Long distant relationships are all about trust. If he does admit he has feeling for someone else, you two can talk about it. If not, you'll know. If you don't think you can trust him on the phone or on the net, you should get out of the long distant relationship, one way or another. That's my opinion

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chuck Norris

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Hang up.

What should you do if your boyfriend is a nazi?

Phone the cops.

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Get his phone and unblock it (:

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maybe she always says that she's busy and doesn't answer the phone then usually or go outside at night

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