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If he is kidding, then he probably wants to do something with you. If he isnt kidding, he could be an abusive boyfriend that you shold get away from.

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Q: What does mean if guy says he wants to smack your really hard?
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What does You cant play hard to get if your hard to want mean?

It means Don't play hard to get, because nobodys really wants you. Theres no point in playing hard to get, if noone wants you.

What does it mean when a guy says you want to turn you inside out?

It's a term meaning that he wants to F**k you really hard.

What does it mean when she is giving strong signals and then plays hard to get?

it means she really want's you but wants to see how much u like her

What does it mean when a guy pulls you really hard towards his body when you are making out?

it means he's really into you, and i mean sexually. he most likely wants something besides just a mo session

What does a man mean when he kisses the woman all over her face to the lips breathes really hard and then tells her when he's finished that he wants her so bad?

He wants to have sex with that woman.

What does it mean when a guy tells you he really likes a girl and then changed his mind in 2 days?

it means that he wants to play hard to get and he loves you

What is I'm going to deck you mean?

It means you're going to smack them in the face so hard they'll hit the floor or "deck"

Smack dab what does it mean?

It is an expression that means exactly - as in smack dab in the middle

If man said ilove you to you what does it mean?

If a guy tells you that he loves you it can mean he loves you as a really good friend and wants to get to know you more, or it can mean he really loves you and wants you to be with him Hope this helped :)

When a boy likes you and tries to get your attention does that mean he really likes you or he wants to really dig in?

Being a guy, he probably wants to have sex with you. But that doesnt mean he doesnt really like you. You shouldn't reject a guy just because he wants sex.

What does it mean when a boy wants you?

it means that they really like you

What does in mean when you are giving a guy a side hug and he squeezes you really hard and pulls you closer to his side?

He loves you more than friends that he wants you beside him you can go for it if you want.