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There is a difference between making love and having sex. When a man wants to make love, he wants to connect with you and is not out to just please himself. It is not about the act itself, but is about intimacy.

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Q: What does making love mean to a man?
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What does making whoopee mean?

Making Love.

What sweet words can a woman tell a man when making love?

I love you

What does it mean when you dream getting caught making love to a married man?

He's most likely havin an affair tell his wife

Is making out the same as making love?

No making out can mean kissing with clothes on and making love is kissing and other stuff with clothes off

What does it mean to make woopie?

making whoopie is making love

When a man says ilove making love to you does it mean he loves you but can't tell you that?

Probably not. He probably means just what he said. He loves sex.

What does it mean when a guy says he loves making love o you?

It means he only wants you for sex. It means a man loves having sex with you.

What does inflaming men with love mean?

it means making love with the men.

What do you mean by romance?

romance is kissing and making love that is what romance is .

When a man says I love making love to you does it mean he loves you?

Making love does not always mean that person loves you. Men enjoy sex and can compliment a woman with her vast experience in love making or, he may find her very attractive and says what he means, 'I love making love to you.' This can mean he gets pleasure from your body and likes you or, he could love you and that is why he enjoys making love to you as it's as close as two lovers can get to prove their love to each other. It's the way he treats you when you are not making love that shows whether he loves you or not; looking at you lovingly; proud to introduce you to his family or friends; loves to cuddle without having sex; enjoys laughing with you and enjoying other things in life. If he is most of these things then he loves you.

Man created the Taj Mahal for love of a woman what has woman made for man?

You mean besides making babies that carry on his name, making meals, making a wonderful home for him, making love to him, making him feel like a king when the world knows he is a peasant, making supportive comments to him, and even nowadays making money to assist in the bills? And besides making invaluable contributions in all the arts, literature, science and exploration? Besides those few things, I can't think of anything at all.

What does it mean if a man care about his woman?

Caring is an attribute of love. When a man is in love he shows it through caring