What does love really mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Love is really when you do what you think you cant do for that special person.

i think love is saying your there for that special person and that you will always be by there side, thick and thin. saying that you want to spend forever and eternity with them.

love is a beautiful emotion that a person feels for another person (or something very close to them). love is when you'll do anything (no matter how stupid) to keep that certain person happy, when you constantly think and talk about that person. an unconditional feeling.

love is wen all u think about iz dat iz wen u cant live without the iz wen u say somthing that upsets the person u wanna battle u self.

love is also when you cant stop talking and talking about them. and you could feel those same emotions as they do like if you were hurt i would be hurt. love is also when you will fight anting and anybody to keep that person right by your side that goes with you through every little bump that you run across in your life. that person is always there for you and will always know whats wrong even if you lie and there is. love goes to anybody no matter if it takes years to find that right person. love isn't just emotion its a gift that everybody gives out to that special person.

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Q: What does love really mean?
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Can you be in love with out being in love?

Yes it is very true. It might be that you are attracted to that certain someone but you do not love them. I mean you love them but you do not want to love them. It is really a question of : What kind of love do you mean?

How do you say i need you love?

I dont understand the "need you love". Did you really mean "I need YOUR love?"

What does love make you do in a relationship?

It all depends on wat love you really mean ...

What if you show a guy your nice and hes speechless what does it mean?

He really loves you. I mean really loves you. I really love this guy and i get speechles.

If a guy say i love you does he really mean it?

if he really loves you he would not lie to you..

What does encantan mean?

They/you all really like/love

What does cerys really mean?

Cerys means love

What does it mean if you dreamed you kissed your ex?

It means you probably still really love, love him or her.

Does Selena love her fans?

Yes she really love her fans, because they mean everything to her.

What does kendrick the name mean?

I think it really means LOVE !

What does it mean when someone says something and then after they say no I really And then pause and it is funny Like I really love you No really I really love you. 'Stare' And then laughing?

The person could be shy and use laughter to you how they feel. They may actually be in love with you.

Is I love you a comliment?

I love you can be a compliment . I tell people I love them all the time , but I really mean that I like them as a friend .