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showing affection

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Q: What does kissing on the forehead by a guy to a girl means in Islam?
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How to drive a girl crazy when kissing?

Gently bite her lips and when finishing kiss her forehead

What is meaning of her girl friend kissing her?

It means she was there and it was as it always was in and of itself.

If girl smooch a boy then she pregnant?

what it deepens what smooch means if it mean humped yes but if it means kissing no

If a guy does not kiss a girl within in six months after dating what does that mean?

This means that the boy might be nervouse about kissing you. Or maybe he thinks you are not conforetible with kissing.

The meaning of a girl kissing a mans hand?

A woman kissing a mans hand means forgive me I am deeply sorry. You are everything to me. My love is so tender for you.

What does it mean if a girl looks you in the eye just before kissing you?

well it means that they liked it. I think!!

Who was that girl that mackenize rosman was kissing?

who that girl i saw mackenize rosman kissing that girl was Ashley tistale

What does it mean when a girl tells me she dreamed of her and I kissing?

she is flirting with you and it pretty much means she wants to kiss you... derrrr!!!

When a girl kisses you on the forehead?

She loves you!!

What does it fell like when you kiss a girl?

It feels like any other kiss. Kissing a boy and kissing a girl, you're still kissing.

Is it cheating if your boyfriend kissed a girl in both cheeks and forehead?

It depends on how he feels about her. I kiss my younger stepbrother on the cheeks. Does that make me a cheater? ANSWER: God no, it's like kissing your own mother, sister, grand mother..

what does it mean when your girl holds your hand?

it means a girls into you and comfortable to be around you, maybe the next move should be you kissing her.