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If you pretend, then of course you aren't wondering what time it is. You may just be looking for an excuse to leave the room using something like, "Oh, I'm late for (enter excuse), I should be going," Basically, it's sign of restlessness.

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Q: What does it means when you pretend to look at your watch?
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What does mira el mean in spanish?

the spanish word mira means to look at or watch

What is the opposite of impersonate?

Impersonate means "pretend to be something." Dissimulate means "pretend not to be something."

What is the meaning of watch as a gift?

it means that you want that person to remember you everytime he/she look into his/her watch.

What does mirarse mean?

'mirar' = to look'mirarse' = to look at oneself

What is difference between watch and look at?

watch means stare at for a long time until something happens eg 'omg watch that dog doing a cool trick look means you can look as long as you want or as short as you want at some thing

What does climbing the look out means?

A look-out is a place where you can look out over something, usually to watch for danger. If you are climbing the look-out, you are climbing up the side of this place to get on top and watch.

What does vous regardez mean in french?

vous regardez means you look / you watch in French. Yes it means that, but to be more precise, it means, "you look at"

What is a word that means look that starts with the letter W?

Watch is a synonym for look. It begins with the letter W.

What does regards mean in English?

In French, Regarder is the infinitive verb for "to look" or "to watch", as in "Regarder la finêtre (Look/Watch the window)".

What is the root word for pretending?

Tend is the root word of pretend. It means to stretch or strain.

What does look after the baby mean?

To look after means to care for, to mind or watch over - so you're caring for the baby.

What word means to make believe?