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Well, if it's something others can smell it's probably something in the air, but if not it can be caused by many things. Usually it's is due to temporal lobe seizures or even brain injury. These kind of smells are usually caused by Phantosmia which causes random smells to occur, which sometimes is triggered by some sort of disease i.e brain problems like a tumor ect, but this mostly isn't the case. I would advise you go to see your doctor and talk him through your symptom because it could be somthing serious, but i doubt it is. Smelling burning can also be caused by somthing like a 'Sinus Infection' or sometimes 'Anxiety', but please get it checked out.

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If you have consumed a lot of asparagus, this can make your urine smell like rubber. It is the way it is broken down by your digestive system.

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Q: What does it mean when your urine smell like rubber?
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Is urine smell like ammonia means something wrong?

Yes, if your urine smells like ammonia, it does mean that there is something wrong. It is likely that you either have a bladder infection or urinary stones and you should pay a visit to your doctor.

What does it mean if you smell like urine after you run?

Sweat that smells like urine has ammonia. This means your body is losing nitrogen. Drink more water and the nitrogen will go into your urine rather than your sweat. You should also eat more or drink more carbohydrates.

What does it mean if urine smells like bleach?

Your urine shouldn't have a really noticeable smell to it. Are you sure it's a bleach smell...possibly an ammonia smell? If so maybe you should drink a whole lot more water to dilute it and if you drink sodas maybe lay off of them for a while. You can get bad bladder infections if your urine is too strong. I know water is not very yummy though! Lol

What does it mean when urine has a bad odor?

It can mean you have eaten something like garlic or asparagus that has given it the smell, it could be an infection, you could be dehydrated, or if you recently took vitamins, that could cause it too.

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What does it mean when your urine have a strong smell?

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Urine can smell of the foods you ate that day. Asparagus, for instance, can make your urine smell. It will pass after a few urinations. One thing you may try is drinking more water to dilute the passage of food and eat a variety of foods instead of a heavy meat meal only.

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