What does it mean when your hands are always abnormally cold?

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When a person's hands are abnormally cold this usually means a blood circulation problem. Certain auto immune diseases and health conditions can cause abnormally cold hands regularly as well so consulting with a physician needs to be the number one priority.

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Q: What does it mean when your hands are always abnormally cold?
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Your hands and feet are always ice cold my arms feel extremely heavy and sometimes your hands and feet turn purple What does this mean?

you have the flu

What does it mean when a guy intertwined fingers with you?

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What does it mean when you have cold hands?

All it means is that you could be under anxiety. :)

What does the expression warm hands cold heart mean?

You've got it backwards. The superstition is "cold hands, warm heart" and it means that someone with cold hands is said to be a very "warm" or loving and generous person.

What does it mean when your hands are cold all day?

To have your hands cold all day means that you are to skinny. People with cold hands all day should not be on a diet. If you cant prevent to have your hands cold, you should wear gloves of boil water and steam your hands till they get warm. Keep your hands moist, lotion would be best. The brand True Blue is a really good brand for moist hands.

What does it mean when your hands are always hot?

It has to do with your genes. It has nothing to do with spirituality.

Is it normal for your hands to always be cold?

Not necessarily. Some people have a slight problem with their circulation, or they are very sensitive to changes in temperature, and their hands feel cold even on a warm day. This condition is inconvenient but it doesn't have to mean something is wrong. However, sometimes, cold hands can be a symptom of a medical condition like diabetes or anemia. There are also some people who have a condition called "Reynaud's Syndrome," in which the hands (and sometimes the feet) are frequently cold. (Reynaud's is in the family of autoimmune diseases.) You may want to see your doctor and get tested to determine if these conditions are what is causing your hands to be cold all the time.

Does hypotonia mean abnormally decreased muscle function or activity?

Hypotonia means abnormally decreased muscle tone;hypokinesia means abnormally decreased muscle activity.

What does it mean when your feet are always cold?

poor circulation of the blood

What does it mean when a doctor is cold towards you?

Aren't they always? lol

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