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This means that your nails are ether growing to long or are loosening off your finger

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Q: What does it mean when your fingernails have a white line?
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How fast does you're fingernails grow?

Don't you mean, "how fast do your fingernails grow?"

You have white patches on your fingernails what is this from?

drink more calcium

Do white blood cells have anything to do with your toenails and fingernails?


What causes white unraised horizontal lines on fingernails?

The white area in fingernails and hair are caused by air. That's why snow is white and not blue. Little bumps and bruises that are done to the bed of the nail cause these imperfections.

What does a solid white line mean?

Stay in you lane.

What does a double sold white line on a highway mean?

no passing

Who paid for the Titanic?

the white star line, if you mean the ship.

How can you Thicken your fingernails?

You can improve your calcium. If you have short thick white line on your fingernails, then you have a lack of calcium. You can drink more milk or if you are lactose intolerant you can take calcium tablets. Or think back to see if you can remember hitting your finger on something may have caused this line it will go away eventually if this is the case but if it does not you may want to go get a blood test to check if you lack a certain mineral or vitamin.

What is the white spot on fingernails?

Its not a lack of calcium. Its just simple Bruses on the nails

What will inculding calcium in your diet prevent?

osteoporosis and the white tick lines on your fingernails !

White marks on your fingernails?

This might be because you dont drink enough milk !

What does the white line on speaker wire mean?

Means it's positive