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# Maybe it means he can't quite get rid of you yet. Doesn't mean he still loves you. But maybe he still has some sort of feelings for you somewhere in him. # Maybe he's doing it to show off. Maybe he just doesn't care. I don't know what type of guy he is so I really can't say that. But maybe he just doesn't care anymore. # Maybe he thinks about you a lot and needs something to remind him of what he could have had.

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Q: What does it mean when your ex-boyfriend who has a girlfriend still have all your pictures?
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What does it mean if you catch your exboyfriend staring at you a lot?

He either still likes you alot or he hates you with a burning passion

What does it mean if you and your exboyfriend kiss in a dream?

It means that there are still some feelings left for him in your heart for him. You still miss him somewhere. That is what gets in your head at that time.

You saw your exboyfriend today after almost a year you still love him but he came to say goodbye to you because hes going to the coastguard what does that mean does he still like you?

he probaly does not no not at all

What does it mean if your exboyfriend says he will never forget you?

he still loves you but for some reason he just cant bring himself to staying with you any longer.

What does it mean when your girlfriend saves pictures of a 10year former boyfriend and still saves it after you've told her it bothers you?

I am not sure on why your girlfriend would save a picture of an ex boyfriend after you told her you did not feel comfortable with it. She could still have feelings for the guy or maybe she just keeps it for memories.

If your exboyfriend has married someone else and is still texting you what does that mean?

because he wants the best of both worlds! think how wud u feel being in the wife's shoes!

What does pictures mean?

Share pictures

What if your exboyfriend told you to stop calling him?

that mean he still like you an just don't want you to knowANSWER;The picture is clear, stop calling him that is why he become your ex. No feelings there for him anymore so try to move on.

What does it mean when you and an ex girlfriend are hanging out again?

that mean yall still like each other

What does it mean when you deam of your ex girlfriend?

obvioulsy you two have unfinished businnes and by that I mean there is still a flame there.

This boy i like is always flirting with me and sending me pictures of his abs but he has a girlfriend does that mean he likes me back or he's just playing around?

If the boy has a girlfriend, he is probably just being friendly with you.

What does it mean when your ex text you that he still has not girlfriend when you before texted him you are mad because you thought he has a girlfriend before and after breakup-Is he still interested?

He means he has not got a girlfriend and you split up with him for nothing. No he is not interested, he was being polite by replying to you.