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Heart Burn. im pretty sure. you can take tums to help it

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You probably have heart burn.

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Q: What does it mean when your chest hurts when you exhale?
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Do you exhale because the air pressure in the chest cavity has decreased?

No. When you exhale, you increase the pressure in your chest cavity to push out some of the air in your lungs.

What does it mean if the bone under your breast hurts?

Your chest is growing

What does it mean when your chest hurts when you breath?

It usually means you are winded.

What does it mean if when I run my chest hurts See it all started a few days ago I had a really unhealthy breakfast I'm a fit lad but it feels likes somethings blocked in my chest it hurts?

If your chest hurts when you run, and you suspect that something could be blocked in your chest, it is advised that you get checked by your doctor.

Feels like air is trapped in your lower chest?


What happens when the muscle in your chest moves to cause you to exhale?

When you breathe out, or exhale, your diaphragm and rib muscles relax, reducing the space in the chest cavity. As the chest cavity gets smaller, your lungs deflate, similar to releasing of air from a balloon

What happens to the size of the chest cavity as you inhale?

The movement of the diaphragm affects the size of the chest cavity by when you inhale the chest cavity enlarges, but when you exhale the chest cavity becomes smaller.

Which body part responsible for making the chest cavity smaller when you exhale?

the diaphragm, ribs, chest muscles, and sternum.

What happens if you get in the chest by a football with no pads?

It hurts?

Why does your chest hurts after injecting meth?

Meth is bad for you, it hurts because you are injecting a poison.

What gas do your chest goes down as you exhale?

Carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon

How do you use the word chest in a sentence?

My chest hurts I have a chest infection I have a chesty cough