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It means that your being too close to him and he needs to get some air. Some times boys and even girls will need their space or that relationship is over. Sorry to say that.

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time to be alone

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Q: What does it mean when your boyfriends says he needs space?
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What does it mean if your friend your best friend say that she needs space?

If your best friend says that she needs space, it likely means that she is feeling overwhelmed.

With four years of dating and says he needs his space does that mean he will come back into your life soon?

no Not likely!

Your girlfriend and you have been dating for a few months what does it mean when she says she needs some space?

it means she dumpedd your asss... sorry to be mean but its the truth

What does it mean when your girlfriend of 6 years needs time to think about things?

Coming from a girl it means she needs space. She needs "me" time. Give her some space then lightly ask her whats up. There is oviously something wrong when a girl says "i need time to think."

What does it mean when a girl says she needs to work on herself?

it's usually a way of saying that she needs some space and wants to focus on her own needs for a while and worry about being in a relationship some other time.

How can you tell he means what he says if he loves you wants to stay together but needs space to figure out what he wants?

if he said love you in a whatever way then he doesnt mean it but if he says it and hugs you and kisses you that means he love and doesnt need space but its fine if u give him space once in a while =]

When a guy says he needs time?

It can mean many things he likes you needs to no way else is in the world like what other chicks r and could mean he needs sPace from u and if he just doesn't want to hurt your fillings or he could like some other girl and still likes u but wants to see if he can get her it can mean many things it all depends on the way he says it or what words he says before or after or what jr talking about

What does it mean if I broke it off and I call my ex and he says that he needs to distance himself?

It means he wants space from you and is nicely telling you that he does not want you calling and will not be talking to you or seeing you.

What does it mean when your boyfriends friend says that he wishes you had a twin sister?

Yeah, you don't really want to know, trust me. Lose him.

What does it mean when she says i want to be by myself?

it means she needs space so give it some time .

Why did the space shuttle take a dinosaur into space?

YES, it did. and everything I can find says so...but not why!!! and my 2nd grader needs to know why

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he needs time alone?

It could mean he wants to masturbate, look at Porn, or to just have some space. It depends on him.