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You know your boyfriend, and I don't. So which of the following seems most likely to you?

(1) He's being polite because he's in a social situation where he has to talk to everyone around him.

(2) The women are friends, and he feels comfortable talking to them because he knows them well.

(3) He's behaving as if he's still unattached, speaking to every woman as if she's a prospective girlfriend.

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Q: What does it mean when your boyfriend talks to other women more than you?
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What does mean when you dream your boyfriends mom telling you my son talks about you?

When you dream that your boyfriend's mom tells you that her son talks about you, this could mean that you are subconsciously suspicious that your boyfriend is talking about you behind your back. The best way to deal with this is to have a conversation with your boyfriend about it.

If your boyfriend wants a 3 some does it mean that he wants other women?

drop him that is a sign

Your boyfriend says im pathetic for getting paranoid about all the other girls he talks to are you?

dont get paranoid its just a coversation just because he talks to a girl does not mean that he is 2 timing youi and talk to him!

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend talks to you?

He might just want to be friends with you or he wants you back.

What does it mean when your best friends boyfriend talks to you more than her?

He may not have the best of intentions.

When he talks about her to you what does that mean?

well if he is your boyfriend he is normally cheating on you but sometimes well leave him he is a CHEATER TRUST ME

What does it mean when your boyfriend talks about his privacy?

It means hes hiding something he doesn't want you to know about

What does it mean when a women reduces the amount she talks to you?

she dont like you anymore

Your boyfriend and you broke up almost a year ago How can you get him back?

wa does it mean if my ex still talks to me

When a girl says she likes you but she has another boyfriend she talks about What is that mean?

When a girl loves you she truly means it. When she talks about a boyffriend she doesnt like you. When she talks about a guy that is a friend it means she loves you and trusts you enough to talk about it with you without you getting hurt.

What does it mean if your ex doesnt let her boyfriend know she talks to you and that you moved back?

from the sounds of it shes being abit of a player..

What Does it mean when a guy talks to his mother about you and show her pictures of you?

It depends on if it's your boyfriend If it is then he is showing his mother That your the one he wants to be with && love