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It means that he truly loves you with his whole heart and would do anything in the world for you. It means that you are more than just a relationship partner it means that he trusts you with everything and you probably know more about himself then he knows about himself. You should be thankful that he thinks of you as his best friend. PEACE~!

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In my experience, when a man says that you are his best friend, he simply meant that i was his best friend...if we were in love he told me that he just wanted to tell me that no matter what happened between us that we would always have a sort of love..even if it meant only as friends.

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it means that she is too scared to tell him how she really feels. She actually likes him and she doesn't know how to deliver her feelings. If the girl seems to act flirty with the guy then she definitely likes him. But otherwise she may just be telling the truth. Women are deceiving-so u must be careful ;)

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Q: What does it mean when your boyfriend says you are his best friend?
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What does it mean when your boyfriend says he likes you and your best friend the same?

It means he's not "your" boyfriend.

What to do if your boyfriend says that he likes your bestfrnd?

well tell you're best friend! and break up with your boyfriend...

What do you do if your best friend says she wants to go out with your boyfriend?

great who burn to ruled to others.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says to your best friend that he doesn't no why he keeps saying yes to me?

it means that your boyfriend might be with you and someone else and he doesn't want you to be mad at him about it so he just keeps on saying yes to you.

What should you do if your best friend's ex boyfriend likes you and you like him?

Well, the answer is clear... ask your friend if she's ok with you two dating. If she says yes then go for it. But of she says no, then the answer is no

What does it mean when your best friend says he likes you more than a best friend?

Well..... it either means that he thinks of you as a sibling, OR he REALLY likes you, and wants to be your boyfriend!!! (but probably the second one) Now if you don't like him that way then let him down easy, but if you do like him... YIPPEE!!!! You're gonna get a boyfriend!!!!

Should I be worried if my boyfriend says he loves his girl best friend the same as me?

obviously.............u should be worried.............tell ur boyfriend if u love ur best friend who is a girl then who am i.............then she will be ur girlfriend..............

What does BFFAE mean?

What does bffae mean? Best Friend forever and ever!

What do you do if your best friend told you that your boyfriend is cheating on you but he says no?

You obviously listen to your best friend. your best friend wouldn't lie to you. unless your best friend has a crush on your boyfriend. if he is cheating on you, break up with him because once they cheat, they never change and will cheat on you again. there are plenty of other boys out there, no matter how much he loves you!

What does it mean if a boy you like says you sound cute and says your friend sounds hot?

it means that your boyfriend sounds sexy and you sweet

What do you do if you love your best friend and she says she has feelings for you but she has a boy friend aswell?

awww! dats so cute! If she loves you den she has to dump her boyfriend

What does a man mean when he says he loves the friendship you share?

he means he feels a bond but its not a romantic bond, he feels like he doesnt LOVE you, he likes you. Like a best friend, not a boyfriend.