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Q: What does it mean when you yawn all the time?
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What does bostezar mean in Spanish?

It means to yawn.

Why does your cat crab all the time?

cause it wants to loosen it claws once it wakes up like a yawn

Why do you yawn all day?

ask me.

What does it mean when a guy sits next to you close when he is reading allowed to you?

it means he wants to do the yawn technique you know yawn and the put his arm around you

Do dogs yawn?

Yes they do. Our pup yawns all the time. She must be tired from her day of laying around, eating, and chasing her tail.

YAWN IN FRENCH is dinner?

to yawn is 'bailler' in French.

What is the past form of yawn?

The past form of YAWN is YAWNED.

When was Yawn born?

Yawn was born in Chicago, in Illinois, USA.

How tall is Josh Yawn?

Josh Yawn is 6' 6".

How old is brittannie yawn?

Brittannie Yawn is twelve years old.

What is the future tense of yawn?

It's 'will yawn'. Hope it's not wrong...

A very deep inspiration that ventilates all alveoli is?

A yawn is a very deep inspiration