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its your hormones they may be out of wack happens alot...

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Q: What does it mean when you sweat a lot are moody and have spotting and cramping but are not pregnant?
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Can women sweat on the forehead during pregnancy?

Yes, pregnant or not we have sweat glands there. It's not typical for pregnancy.

Can a girl get pregnant from rubbing her vagina while she is on her period?

It sweat them,but i don't known

What would cause fingers to tighten up and draw up towards the wrist?

Do you have a cramp ? Cramping can start especially after hard or strenuous excercise that causes you to sweat a lot, also a lack of Pottassium will cause cramping, eating bananas daily is an excellent way to replenish pottassium, hope this answers your question and if it doesn't apologies.

Why are there yellow spots where your nipples are on your bra that come off in the wash?

Either your pregnant and your milk is coming out early.. or its just sweat!

Why do Pregnant dog get big suddenly and start shaking?

i dont no im tryin to find out tooo!] i have a mini jack russell and shes pregnant for abou 53-55 days shes shiverin and panting the hole time shes huge in size! shes nearly 3years old

Can brown spotting cause a yeast infection?

No. A yeast infection is caused by bacteria that grows inside your vagina. This bacteria likes moist places so if you sweat a lot or do not keep your vaginal area dry, you are more prone to yeast infections.

Can the dermis produce sweat?

Dermis can not produce the sweat. Sweat is produced by the sweat glands. They lie in the dermis.

Do snakes sweat?

well they have pores so they must sweat

What is the function of a sweat gland duct?

The sweat pore is were the sweat from the sweat gland is released. The main function of sweat is temperature regulation (thermoregulation).

Can your thighs sweat?

Your things do have sweat glands, so yes, they can sweat.

What is a cold sweat?

Cold sweat is when you sweat because of sudden fear.

What is the between of hippo sweat and human sweat?

Colour.Hippo sweat is red/orange while human sweat is colourless.