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It is sleep

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Q: What does it mean when you make a fist or touch your knuckle and it hurts?
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Why does your knuckle still hurt?

I asked this question on Halloween 2010 I was playing a game called gaga on friends trampoline where u hit the ball with your hands. I went to hit the ball missed and hit my friends leg. My last knuckle hurts only when I make a fist and squeeze it. It's now been over 3 weeks it still hurts but it never swelled please helped asap

It hurts to make a fist?

If you haven't injured it this could be the start of osteoarthritis which can manifest gradually or suddenly.

Can you make a fist right when you wake up?

Well, kind of but it is hard and it kind of hurts if you try really hard.

How do you make someone fall down and go to sleep?

you punch them in between their trachea and left neck muscle with a middle knuckle or mountain fist punch

What are some sentences with 'when'?

When is it my turn? When she gets home, I'll make some dinner. It hurts when you touch it.

Why do locusts make noise?

because there mad and dont touch the black line on its forehead it hurts them.

How do you make a sentence with the idiom 'a knuckle sandwich '?

That bully is about to deliver his famous knuckle sandwich.

How many words can you make from knuckle?

Some words that can be made from the letters in knuckle are:cakeclueclunkcueelkkenlakeluckneckuncle

Which bones make up your knuckle?

The knuckle is formed by the junction of the metacarpals and the proximal phalanges of the fingers.

Why does the knuckle appear white?

If you grip something hard enough and long enough, the knuckle might appear white as it is not getting a normal blood supply. == == Poor blood circulation. When i make a fist, not even squeezing hard my knuckles turn white, the doctor said i had poor circulation and to get more Omega 3 in my diet.

How do you sign sister in asl?

Using your right fist, make the thumb glide across your right cheek from your ear to your chin.With both hands in a fist with the pointer finger out, bring hands together until pointer fingers touch.

What is a good fist name for a bunny?

The most popular fist name would probably be "fist bump" or "make-a-fist"