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The comment 'unremarkable' in all laboratory testing, exams, and machine scans means there was nothing in the scan, test, or exam that indicates a problem. Everything appears to be normal.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean one doesn't exist. It just means that nothing showed up out of the ordinary for that particular scan, test, or exam, and another (different) one may need to follow-up.

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Grossly means with the naked eye; unremarkable means that there's no apparent abnormality on which to comment. This is good news -- the abdominal organs appear to be normal.

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Q: What does it mean when you have a unremarkable CT of the abdomen?
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What does it mean pancreas is unremarkable by CT scan?

If the pancreas is unremarkable, it means that the pancreas appears normal.

What does CT mean in CT scan?

Unremarkable means that there is nothing worth remarking on - in other words, it is normal.

What does unremarkable mean in a CT of the brain without contrast?

"Unremarkable" in a CT of the brain without contrast means that there are no abnormal findings or any significant issues detected in the brain images. It suggests that the brain appears normal and there are no visible signs of disease or injury.

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What does unremarkable blood count mean?

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What does unremarkable abdominal ultrasound mean?

That means they didn't see anything that was abnormal.

What does it mean when Portions of the disc of the retroperitoneum are unremarkable?

Unremarkable means there was nothing unusual about them.

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What is cpt 74170?

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What does grossly unremarkable mean at L5-S1 mean on MRI report?

Grossly unremarkable means there is nothing interesting to talk about, its normal.

What does unremarkable aorta mean?

The term 'unremarkable' when used in medical terminology refers to nothing out of the ordinary. The term unremarkable aorta on an MRI reading would mean there is nothing to be concerned about with the aorta, there is nothing out of the ordinary.