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a lump in your armpit that hurts is usually a swollen gland . for example when females shave sometimes it gets irritated and the gland swells for a few days if it doesnt go down within a week i would suggest going to the doctors

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If you had a lump under your armpit its cause of the deoderant that was being used to make sure that this does not happin aginuse your own deoderant at all times.

It can also be a swollen lymph node. If it does not resolve soon (especially if it remains painful) or if it grows in size, go see a doctor. It may be nothing (benign), but it could be more.

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A lump

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Q: What does it mean when you have a lump in your armpit?
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What does a ball under your armpit mean?

A small lump in the armpit is probably an inflamed lymph node. It can be caused by allergies, infection, and hormonal changes in the body.

Small but very sore lump under your armpit what does it mean should you be worried?

Under your armpit could be breast cancer. It is best you go see a doctor.

What will happen if you have a clump in your armpit?

a clump or a lump? a lump could be an ingrown hair

What does a bump in armpit mean?

It could be a glandular problem, or simply a fatty lump - HOWEVER - if you're worried, see your doctor !

Could a lump show in your armpit from waxing?

Yup ! Mostly like it is ingrown hair ~

What might cause a dull pain in the right armpit?

what would it be with a lump under the armpit

Is a lump on your armpit bad?

it depends. It can either be a harmless lymph node, or a sign of breast cancer.

If your 14 and have recently found a lump under your right armpit. and lastnight you found a smaller lump also. what should you do?

call the doctor!??? might just be glands?

Why do armpit and x-ray decide caveman is tough in the book holes?

Armpit and X-ray decide Caveman is tough because Caveman stood up to the Lump.

What happens if you pick a cancerous lump?

I dont know but I got one on my armpit I tried to pop thinking it was a pimple.

You could notice some painful lump from the right armpit toward your breast your age is 33 is it cancer?

It is possible. Get to the doctors so that you can have it examined and properly diagnosed, a lump on or near the breast is nothing to play around with.

What are systems of breast cancer?

A few breast cancer symptoms are a lump in the breast, swelling in armpit, and pain in breast.