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That requires Immediate Help For a Doctor

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Q: What does it mean when you feel an eye pop?
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What does it mean if you feel and hear a pop in your head?

it means you cracked your neck and thats it

You wanted to get contact lenses but they feel really weird it feels like they are going to pop out should you get them?

It can take a while to get used to contact lenses, but they should not feel like they will pop out if they have been properly fitted. You should feel as if they weren't there at all. Make sure they have been prescribed for your own eye.

What are the ratings and certificates for Pop-Eye - 1970?

Pop-Eye - 1970 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

Why is REM important?

REM could mean Rapid Eye Movement, R.E.M the pop group, or it could mean the website - more information required

What actors and actresses appeared in Pop-Eye - 1970?

The cast of Pop-Eye - 1970 includes: Bart Van de Laar as Presentatie

What does it mean when eye contact causes a person to feel hot inside?

Probably that you're attracted to the person with whom you're making eye contact.

Can a tennis ball pop an eye vessel?

Anything can pop your blood vessel if it is hard enough althlough unlikely unless you take it dead in your eye

My goldfish has developed one bulging eye what has happened?

Your goldfish is suffering from exophthalmos also known as pop-eye. Pop-eye can be caused from bacterial infections, tumors, or bad water quality.

What actors and actresses appeared in Pop-Eye - 1992?

The cast of Pop-Eye - 1992 includes: Joesi Prokopetz as Presenter (1992-1993) Bettina Soriat as Backup Vocalist

What causes a bulging eye in an albino Oscar?

"pop-eye" is usually caused by poor water quality.

What do the muscles around the eye lens do?

Helps keep the eye in place so it doesn't pop out of its socket.

Can dogs pop a blood vessel in eye?

Yes, just as you and I.