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You have the flu, a virus or an infection. Go to the doctor.

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Either you're blood sugar is low, you're nervous or you're dying. Hopefully you're neither.

FACT: If you eat some food, the shakes will go away.

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Q: What does it mean when you are shaking but not cold?
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What does it mean when chickens are shaking?

It could mean a lot of things. Maybe they are cold?

What does it mean when a it is shaking?

Most likely they are afraid or scared. They maybe cold.

Is shaking in a dog mean she is sick?

No,it doesn't it might mean that it is cold. Or that it feels nervous of how you carry it, of how you pick it up. Maybe it feels unsafe.

What does aroj mean in Arabic?

if i get your question in the same way you meant it to be aroj is an Arabic word means : shaking we say this word when it is very cold --> so shaking because of the weather. and also we say it when afraid from something --> shaking fro certain fear.

Does shaking cold water make it warm?

No, it doesn't.

Why would a Chinese Crested dog be shaking?

He is cold, possibly?!?!?

Your dog is shaking and crying?

He might be sad or really cold.

What is a good sentence using shaking?

I was so nervous at the recital that my legs were shaking. After shaking a can of soda and then opening it, you create a big mess. Shaking a baby is bad for it.

What does it mean when your shaking?

There is an earthquake

What should you do for a dog that is shaking and not eating his treats and ears are cold?

Shaking can be a sign of several problems in a dog: fever, pain, anxiety, low blood glucose, or neurologic problems. If your dog isn't acting right you should take him to your vet. Having cold ears doesn't necessarily mean anything in particular.

What is the best way to prevent a cold after shaking hands with someone who has a cold?

wash you hands with hot water

Why is your dog shaking?

It's either scared, cold, or very sick.