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That you need to be treated by him, literally. Or it's just a compliment ;)

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Q: What does it mean when someone tells you you are like a delicate flower and that you need to be treated gently?
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In Sonnet 116 Shakespeare describes love as?

He describes the as a delicate flower to hold it gently, to love forever, make it last not by hate, with life heading its way on to a different course of a life line in death

What is it called to gently combine a delicate ingredient into a solid mixture?

I think that "Fold" may be the word you are looking for.

To use a rubber scraper to gently combine a delicate mixture?

If you're doing the same worksheet I am, the answer is "fold".

What does ginggerly mean?

"gingerly" is a misspelling of the word "gingerly," which means to move or act cautiously, gently, or with great care. It is often used to describe someone handling delicate objects or navigating through a difficult situation in a careful manner.

How do you get gesso out of clothes?

white vinegar will dissolve acrylic (regular) gesso. Soak it, rub or if the fabric is not delicate a light tooth-brushing and it'll wash out. If it is delicate just work it gently after it soaks a while.

How was Japan treated by the US after the war?

Quite gently. US helped with rebuilding, etc.

Can you hold a axalotl under water with out it being harmed?

Gently, yes. Don't do it too often, as they have delicate skin, and it is probably fairly stressfull for them.

What does the word gently?

The word gently means softly or very carefully. This is a term used when handling very delicate objects or things such as a baby or anything made of glass. Extra care needs to be taken with these things so they're not hurt or broken.

When were tattoos made?

when someone stabbed a guy gently with a point that had ink on it.

How do you let someone that is mentally dissabled down gently?

walk away.

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To a certain extent? Yes. You must handle them firmly but gently and as to their constitution....they tend toward developing diabetes but if you keep them away from fruits and other sweets then they should be alright.

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If they are fat then you tell them so as gently as possible.