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I think it's a formal way to say goodbye/bye implying the person cares about you.

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Q: What does it mean when someone tells you take care?
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When someone tells you cuidate chica te quiero what does he mean?

Take care girl,I love you.

What does it mean to be a loving person?

that you take care of someone

When a man tells you not totake something personally what does he mean?

When a man tells you not to take something personally he means don't take it too seriously. or may be he is talking about someone else. And he is asking you not to think that he is referring you .

What is the Afrikaans word for take care?

If you want to wish someone well you can say "laat dit goed gaan" If you mean take care of someone you will say "omsien na..." (lit. take care of...)

What does it mean when a guy says be safe?

It means that he is worried about you. He wants you to be safe. That is why he tells you so.

If someone says I'll call you later take care Does the take care really mean goodbye?

Not really. It can mean something as simple as "take care of yourself; I don't like any hurt to come to you."

What does malama pono mean?

Aloha: Take care (like when someone is leaving); go with care; etc.

What does it mean if a girl tells you that your decision is up to you?

If a girl tells you that a decision is up to you, this might mean that she wants you to figure things out for yourself. This can be important to show her that you care, so take advantage of the opportunity.

How do you say take care in Philippines?

"Take care" can be translated with the verb root "ingat" (pronouned "ING - aht"). Different verb forms can mean "to care for" or "to take care of". "Ingat" can be used as a substitue for "take care" when saying good-bye to someone.

What does no need to worry mean?

If someone tells you' no need to worry' ... then they are letting you know that they have it all under control. It is a good way of letting a person know that they will take care of you and what ever your worried about !! So no need to worry about anything!! =)

When someone says take care does that mean they like you?

Its another way to say good bye...........

What does to laugh it off mean?

It means to not take it seriously. e.g. If someone tells you there is bad news you go ha ha ok