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This could be a number of things, some serious, others not serious at all. What I would suggest is that if you have concerns, you should call your doctor immediately and determine the next best course of action.

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Q: What does it mean when someone has pressure in lower stomach near bladder?
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Where is ureter and bladder?

lower stomach

Is there a pressure point that makes you fart?

Yes, if someone pushes on your lower region of your stomach, as a reflexs you tense and push it out.

What diseases does dandelion treat?

Liver disease, gall bladder diseases and diseases of the pancreas, kidneys, stomach and spleen. Anemia, hepatitis, rheumatism, arthritis and may lower blood pressure.

Is lower abdominal pressure common with bladder and kidney infection?

yes it can be a kidney infection

How do you know if my bladder has fallen?

If your bladder has fallen you will know it. You will feel pressure in your lower abdomen. There will also be some difficulty urinating and there may be a vaginal bulge.

Organs of the lower left quadrant?

Stomach, Small intestine, and colon

What happens when you suck at a straw while having a drink?

You lower the pressure inside your mouth and the atmosphere pushes the liquid up the straw. That is why it is almost impossible to suck the liquid into your stomach directly. You can't lower your stomach pressure much. The mouth has muscles to create a small lower pressure area, then you gulp the contents that wind up in the mouth.

Could a prolapsed bladder cause lower back pain?

I have had bladder infections and my lower back isn't the area of pain that I had. Mine was lower stomach and I had the urge to urinate all the time. Answer If your lower back hurts, it probably means your bladder infection has made it's way up into your kidneys which can happen if they are not treated in a timely manner. You need to go to the doctor immediately.

How can you tell the difference between a tummy of someone with a full bladder and that of someone who just took a meal?

Considering the stomach (organ) and the urinary bladder are in two different quadrants (stomach-upper quad ; bladder - lower quad), it'd be a little hard to confuse the 2. Doctors, nurses, and laypersons cannot tell from looking at the abdomen (tummy). There is really not any fullness to notice on the outside. I could use a stethoscope to hear peristalsis / bowel sounds, which would be increased after eating. The person might complain of feeling bloated or gassy. There are no "sounds" of a full bladder. I could feel it by palpating the abdomen (palpate- pushing on). Pushing on the bladder would make a person feel discomfort and state they have a full bladder. If I ignore those complaints, the person could become jittery and in a hurry to get to a bathroom.

What is the cause of a clear yellowish color urine and slight pressure in your lower abdomen?

It sounds as though your bladder is full. What colour is your urine normally?

How to push to pee?

Lay on your Stomach. And. Squzze your ballder really Hard. And push on your colen.

How girl feel holding pee?

They feel pressure in the bladder, like they have to go. when a girl has to pee really bad she starts to feel pressure in the lower abdomen.