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He thinks you are a very nice person and would like to be your friend.

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Q: What does it mean when he says he respects you?
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What does a girl really mean when she says she respects your opinion?

She likes that you have an opinion, but keep it to your self.

When a guy says he loves your company what does it mean?

He means he likes you but can't say it to your face yet

What does it mean if a guy says he thinks highly of you?

If a guy says he thinks highly of you, it likely means that he has a positive opinion of you and respects you. He may admire your qualities, values, or behavior.

What does it mean when a man says he respects you?

If he is playing mindgames with you then he could be after your vagina and is simply saying whatever he has to say in order to 'get some.' But all guys are after sex so that's not unusual. If a guy says he respects you he means he is aware of your boundaries and comfort zones and is understanding of them. Sexual and social boundaries. Public Displays of Affection...going too far...WHATEVER YOUR OPINIONS ARE ON THESE ISSUES -- HE IS WILLING TO GO ALONG WITH THEM. He RESPECTS you

What genre of music does Justin hate?

He respects them all but he says metal is his least favorite.

What evidence is there that King Duncan respects Macbeth?

he says that her castle is warm and welcoming and that he trusts her.

Is someone that says your mean behind your back a friend?

Not really, a true friends likes and respects you they don't gossip about you. hope that helps :D NO,would you want to be friends with somebody like that?

What does it mean if a guy says he won't make a move?

It either means he doesnt like you that way or he respects you enough to not go as far as doing something your not confortable with- not without consent first anyway

Is Justin bieber mean to Selena Gomez?

no he loves her and respects her!

What do you do if your boyfriend says he really likes you but flirts with your best friends?

He is not acting like he respects you and I would call him on it.

Does pay respects mean marry?

No. "Pay respects" means something like "visit" or "meet", with a certain amount of deference/formality involved. It can also be used for occasions such as funerals (where it's usually phrased as "pay final respects").

What does it mean when your crush says he would like something and goes if you say I would like it because you say I would?

sweetie that question is way to hard to answer, but i kinda get what you are saying and he goes because he respects you and probably likes you too :)