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most likely he is saying that when he fell in love with you it was your real self not someone who is trying to pretend they are someone their not. just act yourself like when you first met the guy and it will be all good!!!!!!!

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Q: What does it mean when he says he is very very fond of you then says he fell in love with the person inside of you?
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What does being fond of someone's mean?

Being fond of someone just means that you like the person.

What does fondness means?

fond means you have a strong like in this person as in I'm fond of john as in you like them or love them

Do you love someone or are you in love?

When you fell like you love the person.

How can i get her back?

By being the person she fell in love with

What does first love mean is it the first time you date or is it someone you really love?

First love refers to that very special person you fell in love with the very first time you fell in love. No one ever forgets that special person.

When was No Fond Return of Love created?

No Fond Return of Love was created in 1961.

If a person dose not have feelings for you can he love?

no, he can't because feeling towards another person is very important for a person to fell in love with anybody.

You love yash but he hates you what do you do?

you tell him how you fell in you listen to how he fell bout you in if he does not love you are have feelings for you them you move on. don't set there on wait on the person to fall in love because he may never do that.

What is smitting a person?

Its when your not in love but automatically fall for somone just after meeting them for a minute you fell love <3

Would justin bieber date a aboriginal?

Possibly, if he fell in love with the person.

What is more appreciated giving love heart or mind?

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its important because that person can fell it and gain trust with you

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for me being the type of person that i am,i will fight for it,iwill make sure that she will love me the same way i loved her.