What does it mean when freckles spread?

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that an angel is kissing you

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Q: What does it mean when freckles spread?
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Does it mean your Irish if you have freckles?


What does ferntickle mean?


Dermatologist recommendation for removing freckles?

can a dermatologist remove freckles..will they many sittings does it need for permanent cure..will their be any side effects

What does it mean if someone has freckles and blonde hair?

all it means is that you have freckles and blonde hair. a lot of people have freckles with blonde hair. :)

What does it mean when border collies have freckles?

Freckles are called "ticking" on dogs. It is just a marking.

What does the scottish word fernitickles mean?


What does it mean when your freckles are darker in the middle?

There is more melanin there.

What does it mean when someone has red dots on their face?


Which is dominant freckles or no freckles?


What does the sun kissed your cheek mean?

It may mean that your cheeks are red, as when the sun "kisses" you, it burns you (sunburn) It usually means you have freckles! I get that all the time, as I have a lot of freckles.

What is the definition of freckles?

There's is so MEANING to freckles ,but there is a definition of freckles. Freckles are small light brown or reddish spots on the skin ,generally around the nosee and spread on the cheeks and arms. They appear mostly on red-haired /light skinned people ,but can appear on anyone if a parent has /has had some. They are NOT a sign of poor health or disease ,physical or mental.

What do freckles mean?

It usually means that you should put more sunscreen on. But if you were born with freckles, don't worry about them. They're probably genetic :).

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