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He likes you girl!

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Q: What does it mean when a man say i am quite fond of you my self mean?
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What does it mean when a man says he is fond of you?

Fond is an old English word for like. He means he has some feelings for you. He likes you.

Can warmest regards mean that he is very fond of her?

No. It means that the man is giving her regards.

What does it mean when a man says you entertain him?

It means he's very fond of you, he's interested in you..or maybe, he probably likes you.

What does it mean when a man says I am fond of you?

when i say or any other guy says im fond of u it means we are very used to u and we enjoy or like having u around =) hoped that helped

What does duku man mean?

it means a person who big's them self up (thinks a lot of them self).

What does gregariose mean?

I'm assuming you mean "gregarious" not "gregariose". Gregarious means to enjoy the company of others, someone who is fond of company. "He was a popular and gregarious man".

What are the 4 types of conflict and what do they mean?

Man vs Man, Man vs Nature, Man vs Self, Man vs Society.

Why are men so self centred?

just because yo man is self-centered it don mean that all men are self centered

What is an example of a sentence using the word fond?

The man was fond of all fattening foods.Fond of chocolate, I could eat a whole box within an hour!She felt fond of him.

What actors and actresses appeared in Fond of a Moth - 2011?

The cast of Fond of a Moth - 2011 includes: Mossie Griffin as Man

What does it mean when a man says to another man it's always a pleasure to see you?

It means nothing, but is polite conversation.

Can a woman outwardly be quite mean and nasty to a man but inwardly fancy and desire him?