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When boys do this, it is either two things:

  • The boy likes you, he has told his friends that he has the feeling toward you but is very shy.


  • or guys talk about you behind your back and say pretty bad thing, like being "slutty" and want a chance to touch your boobs


80% of the times the guy told his friends he likes u but hes shy 2 tell u so they push him 2 u........

5% of the times theyre playing truth or dare ;)

15% of the times there playin with each other & messin with girls

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Q: What does it mean when a guys friends push him into you?
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If a boy is mean to you around his friends and when he is not with his friends he is nice to you?

In my own opinion, guys who aren't nice to you around their friends but is nice when his friends aren't there are guys who are embarassed or ashamed to be your friend, and aren't good friends or partners.

What does it mean when a guy says he doesn't care that you like him?

It means he probably doesn't like you but he doesnt dis-like you. if you guys were friends before, then he probably will just push the thought that you like him aside and just continue being friends like you were before

What do you do when a guys friends are being mean and the guy the like doesn't do anything to stop it?

Just ignore the friends and go for what is yours

What does it mean when a guy says he wants to be friends after a date?

He doesn't like you more than friends. But maybe you guys would just be better as friends.

What does it mean a guy consider a girl as one of the guys?

well for boys when they say "the guys" that is guy talk for "best friends" hope that helps ^_^

What does it mean if a guys friends tell you all the time that one guy likes you?

then he probably likes you... (:

What does it mean if a guys friends say he likes you?

It means the guy has feelings for you but was too afraid to admit them.

How do guys act around his friends crush without him there?

They tease him or her but in a playful way they dont mean to her you.

She likes you but wants to talk to other guys?

Girls are aloud to have other friends, that are guys to. just because she talks to them doesn't mean they don't like you.

What is it supposed to mean if guys said you can be friends?

Don't try and read into anything and everything - it simply means he wants to be friends and nothing more.

What does push pass mean in hockey?

a push pass means you make a pass to you best friends girl and you want to do things to he that people wouldnt imagine.

What does it mean when a lot of guys wink at you and your friends?

it could mean that they think your fit but they could also just be being prats and leading you on :/